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About Islamic Society of Markham


The Islamic Society of Markham, by the Grace of Allah SWT, completed construction of the First Masjid in the Town of Markham in the year 2005. The Masjid is located at the intersections of Denison St. and Middlefield Rd.

The Municipality of Markham is one of the fastest growing communities in Canada and Muslims make up a large part of the growth. Most of the Muslims in this community are first generation immigrants from all over the world, who started settling here in the early nineteen eighty's and are primarily professionals and working class people.

Jam'e Masjid Markham has become a focal point for the Muslims of Markham. It is centrally located in the midst of a Muslim community and services the religious, social and recreational needs of this community.

In addition to the five daily prayers, two Jumah services are conducted each Friday both to a full house of worshippers. The Masjid conducts classes in Islamic education for young children, and hosts Spiritual enrichment events, many of which are led by world renowned Islamic Scholars.

The Islamic Society of Markham runs a full time school for Muslim children which offers combine the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum with Islamic studies. The Quranic classes offers during evenings and Sunday mornings.

Insha’ Allah, future plans include facilities for funeral services and senior home services for elderly Muslims.

ISM maintains excellent relationships with Community Leaders, Law Enforcement Officials, the Markham-Stouffville Hospital and other community service providers to foster multi-cultural awareness and appreciation, and to represent the Muslims in Markham as exemplary members of the community. We also support many charities and worldwide disaster relief efforts.

ISM Vision

ISM's mission is to provide a uniform platform of expression for Islam, to develop educational, dawah and social services that translate the teachings of the Quran and the Sunnah into everyday living, and to enhance Islamic identity in the society.

Our Management is dedicated to the following Islamic goals and objectives which we believe will best serve the community's needs at present and in the future.

Goals, Objectives and Purposes

To be carried out in accordance with the Islamic Shariah and Hanafi School of Thought

  1. Help Muslims in the town of Markham carry out Islamic activities in pursuance of Islam as a complete way of life.
  2. Establish and manage Masajid, places of worship to pray to Almighty Allah in an Islamic way.
  3. Establish and manage centers and schools to provide Islamic religious education to children and adults i.e., Tahfiz-ul-Qur’an, Fiqh and other academic courses conforming to the Ontario Ministry of Education.
  4. Provide facilities for marriages in accordance with Islamic laws and traditions
  5. Provide funeral, burial and cemetery facilities to Muslims
  6. Propagate and promote Islam and to publish Islamic books, literature and to maintain a library for these purposes
  7. Carry out religious and charitable acts including helping the needy families
  8. Strengthen fraternal bonds and brotherly relations among Muslims
  9. Further cooperation with and among Islamic organizations
  10. Print, publish, and promote the aims and objectives of ISM
  11. Initiates and devise effective programs and projects for the promotion of Islamic da’awa and dissemination of Islamic knowledge both among Muslims and non-Muslims
  12. Help the Muslim community with regard to children’s aid matters, shelter for distressed families and the elderly and provide counseling and other services
  13. Establish and/or co-ordinate with existing Bai-tul-Mals, Islamic financial facilities or institutions to accommodate Muslims financial needs from the Islamic point of view
  14. Organize, facilitate and/or conduct various programs and activities for the youth and community members
  15. Help revive the aamals of Masjid Nabawi in ISM established facilities
  16. Establish, facilitate and promote Daa’wa and Tabligh

Islamic Society of Markham Management Team

Founding Members

  • M. Zaheeruddin Ansari 
  • Ehsanullah Ehsan, C.A.  
  • Mohammed Ibrahim
  • Mansoor Aziz
  • Mohammed Fazal
  • Zaheeruddin Syed

Board of Directors

  • M. Zaheeruddin Ansari 
  • Ehsanullah Ehsan, C.A.
  • Mansoor Aziz
  • Mohammed Ibrahim
  • Zaheeruddin Syed


  • Ehsanullah EHSAN, - C.A. (Treasurer)     

Shura Committee Members

  • M. Zaheeruddin Ansari 
  • Mohammed Ibrahim
  • Mansoor Aziz
  • Zaheeruddin Syed
  • Ehsanullah Ehsan, C.A.
  • Amjad Khan Masood
  • Mohammed Fazal

Volunteer Committees

ADMINISTRATION COMMITTEE – Chair: Mohammed Zaheeruddin Ansari
RESPONSIBLE FOR: Employees and related matters including Hiring, Salaries,Discipline, Job Descriptions, Rules & Regulations, Personal Files, Work Hours,Vacations & Holidays; ISM Policies & Procedures; Jumah Program; Announcements; Imam, Jamaʼt and Azan related matters; and other general administrative tasks.

DAWAH & EDUCATION COMMITTEE - Chair: Mohammad Ibrahim
RESPONSIBLE FOR: All schooling and educational matters; Liaison with Community, Parents and Teachers; future enhancements of Education programs.

EVENTS & KITCHEN COMMITTEE – Chair: Syed Zaheeruddin
RESPONSIBLE FOR: Managing all Events, Kitchen, Food & Catering; Ramadan Iftar Program; Annual BBQs and Dinners; Catering for all programs; and Maintenance and Upkeep of the Kitchen.

FINANCE COMMITTEE – Chair: Ehsanullah Ehsan C.A.
RESPONSIBLE FOR: Financial Management, Accounting, Audits, Internal Controls, Banking and Cash flow; Monthly and Periodic Reporting of transactions and financial status to the Shoura Council; Government liaison, all Statutory Filings and coordination; and Data management.

FUND RAISING COMMITTEE – Chair: Mohammed Zaheeruddin Ansari
RESPONSIBLE FOR: All fund raising efforts including Fridays, Ramadan and Monthly Pledges; special campaigns; interface with other organizations for mutual fund raising programs and efforts; and controlling Donation receipts.

RESPONSIBLE FOR: Operations, Maintenance, Security, Cleaning and Upkeep of all ISM Facilities; Landscaping and Snow Removal; Opening and Closing of Masjid; Parking; Notice Boards; Managing Caretakers; Garbage Disposal; Utilities and Cost thereof; and Construction and Improvements.

RESPONSIBLE FOR: Dawah activities; Liaison with Masjid Wali Jamat and Toronto Markaz in respect of Dawah programs and Ijtemas; Inter-faith Dialogues & Contacts; Hospital Visitations; Public Relations; Community Contacts; Media Contact; Interface with other Masajids and Community Organizations; and Contacts with Government Organizations etc.

RESPONSIBLE FOR: Reaching out to youth; organizing youth programs and sports activities; working with Ulema and other organizations to encourage and support our youth and to join them with the Masjid.

ZAKAT & CHARITY COMMITTEE – Chair: Mohammed Ibrahim
RESPONSIBLE FOR: Collection, Control and Distribution of all Zakat, Fitra and Charity; Verification of Beneficiaries; and permanent records thereof.

Approved by the Islamic Society of Markham Board of Directors


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