Assalam-o-Alaikum w.r.t.b, 

Hilal Council of Canada (HCC) has received NO report of Hilal sighting from anywhere in the world of Muharram.  Therefore, Zul Hijja will complete 30 days.  HCC declares 1st day of Muharram  and beginning of a new year 1439, will be on Friday, 22nd September, 2017. and as such 10th of Muharram will be InshaAllah on Sunday, 1st October, 2017

Correspondingly, 29th of Muharram will be on Friday, 20th October, 2017


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About Islamic Society of Markham


The Islamic Society of Markham, by the Grace of Allah SWT, completed construction of the First Masjid in the Town of Markham in the year 2005. The Masjid is located at the intersections of Denison St. and Middlefield Rd.

The Municipality of Markham is one of the fastest growing communities in Canada and Muslims make up a large part of the growth. Most of the Muslims in this community are first generation immigrants from all over the world, who started settling here in the early nineteen eighty's and are primarily professionals and working class people.

Jam'e Masjid Markham has become a focal point for the Muslims of Markham. It is centrally located in the midst of a Muslim community and services the religious, social and recreational needs of this community.

In addition to the five daily prayers, two Jumah services are conducted each Friday both to a full house of worshippers. The Masjid conducts classes in Islamic education for young children, and hosts Spiritual enrichment events, many of which are led by world renowned Islamic Scholars.

The Islamic Society of Markham runs a full time school for Muslim children which offers combine the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum with Islamic studies. The Quranic classes offers during evenings and Sunday mornings.

Insha’ Allah, future plans include facilities for funeral services and senior home services for elderly Muslims.

ISM maintains excellent relationships with Community Leaders, Law Enforcement Officials, the Markham-Stouffville Hospital and other community service providers to foster multi-cultural awareness and appreciation, and to represent the Muslims in Markham as exemplary members of the community. We also support many charities and worldwide disaster relief efforts.

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