Assalam-o-Alaikum w.r.t.b, 

Hilal Council of Canada (HCC) has received NO report of Hilal sighting from anywhere in the world of Muharram.  Therefore, Zul Hijja will complete 30 days.  HCC declares 1st day of Muharram  and beginning of a new year 1439, will be on Friday, 22nd September, 2017. and as such 10th of Muharram will be InshaAllah on Sunday, 1st October, 2017

Correspondingly, 29th of Muharram will be on Friday, 20th October, 2017


ISM Administration Direct Number: Badar Syed 647-447-2782; Email:

Volunteer Committees

ADMINISTRATION COMMITTEE – Chair: Mohammed Zaheeruddin Ansari
RESPONSIBLE FOR: Employees and related matters including Hiring, Salaries,Discipline, Job Descriptions, Rules & Regulations, Personal Files, Work Hours,Vacations & Holidays; ISM Policies & Procedures; Jumah Program; Announcements; Imam, Jamaʼt and Azan related matters; and other general administrative tasks.

DAWAH & EDUCATION COMMITTEE - Chair: Mohammad Ibrahim
RESPONSIBLE FOR: All schooling and educational matters; Liaison with Community, Parents and Teachers; future enhancements of Education programs.

EVENTS & KITCHEN COMMITTEE – Chair: Syed Zaheeruddin
RESPONSIBLE FOR: Managing all Events, Kitchen, Food & Catering; Ramadan Iftar Program; Annual BBQs and Dinners; Catering for all programs; and Maintenance and Upkeep of the Kitchen.

FINANCE COMMITTEE – Chair: Ehsanullah Ehsan C.A.
RESPONSIBLE FOR: Financial Management, Accounting, Audits, Internal Controls, Banking and Cash flow; Monthly and Periodic Reporting of transactions and financial status to the Shoura Council; Government liaison, all Statutory Filings and coordination; and Data management.

FUND RAISING COMMITTEE – Chair: Mohammed Zaheeruddin Ansari
RESPONSIBLE FOR: All fund raising efforts including Fridays, Ramadan and Monthly Pledges; special campaigns; interface with other organizations for mutual fund raising programs and efforts; and controlling Donation receipts.

RESPONSIBLE FOR: Operations, Maintenance, Security, Cleaning and Upkeep of all ISM Facilities; Landscaping and Snow Removal; Opening and Closing of Masjid; Parking; Notice Boards; Managing Caretakers; Garbage Disposal; Utilities and Cost thereof; and Construction and Improvements.

RESPONSIBLE FOR: Dawah activities; Liaison with Masjid Wali Jamat and Toronto Markaz in respect of Dawah programs and Ijtemas; Inter-faith Dialogues & Contacts; Hospital Visitations; Public Relations; Community Contacts; Media Contact; Interface with other Masajids and Community Organizations; and Contacts with Government Organizations etc.

RESPONSIBLE FOR: Reaching out to youth; organizing youth programs and sports activities; working with Ulema and other organizations to encourage and support our youth and to join them with the Masjid.

ZAKAT & CHARITY COMMITTEE – Chair: Mohammed Ibrahim
RESPONSIBLE FOR: Collection, Control and Distribution of all Zakat, Fitra and Charity; Verification of Beneficiaries; and permanent records thereof.

Approved by the Islamic Society of Markham Board of Directors


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