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ISM-Friday Bayan Maulana Imran
Islamic Society of Markham

42:10 min
ISM Bayan by Maulana Sulaiman Moola May 20, 2017

43:56 min

On-going Programs

Islamic Fiqh - Topical Masails & Answers to your Questions

In Urdu - By Maulana Abdul Rasheed
Every Saturday after Salatul Zohar (after Soorah Yaseen)

In English - By Maulana M.Imran Khan
Ever Sunday after Salatul Zohar

Tafseer Program in English & Urdu
Tafseer (Arabic: تفسير‎, tafsīr, "interpretation") is the Arabic word for exegesis or commentary of the Qur'an.

Tafseer in Urdu - By Maulana Abdul Rasheed
Every Morning after Salat-ul Fajar

Tafseer in Urdu of the Qur'an daily, every morning after salat-ul Fajar with Maulana Abdul Rasheed Matadar, Imam of Markham Masjid. This 15-20 minute daily session covers a few ayat daily in detail with practical tips to apply in our daily lives. Participate in this halaqa and benefit by learning the message Allah has sent to you, and all mankind.

Tafseer in English - By Maulana M.Imran Khan
Every Thursday after Salat-ul Isha

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