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ISM Gymnasium

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ISM Gymnasium is now open for different sports activities.
  • Basketball
  • Badminton x3
  • Volleyball
  • Table-tennis
  • Soccer (football)


ISM Gym Schedule


  • Students between 6 to 18 years of age can take part in different sports activities during drop-in time slots for free.
  • Senior individuals can enjoy morning walk between Fajar to 9 am.
  • Sisters have dedicated time slots were ladies can participate in different fitness and sports activities.
Please note that registration is free. Everyone who wants to participate in any ISM Gym activities must carefully review the terms and conditions and sign the waiver form in advance. 


Everyday 7 pm to 12 am is available for booking for $30/hr (plus $150 security deposit). Please take a look at the schedule below, find an available slot for booking and send an email to with date and time you want to book.

Everyone participating in the Gym activities need to complete the following waiver form (only once):

If you want to become an organizer for different sports activities and want to book the gym then please complete the form below:


Please contact the ISM office or send a note to

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