Important announcements regarding Jumma Salah at ISM

Assalamu Alaikum Respected Brothers & Sisters,

We would like to inform you of the following important announcements regarding Jumma Salah at ISM:

First, due to the public health restrictions and severe limited capacity, we ask that only residents of Markham attend prayers at ISM.

Second, please strictly adhere to all health and safety protocols especially wearing masks, sanitizing upon entry and very importantly, keep 6 feet apart inside and outside the Masjid to avoid any violation tickets being imposed on you and the Masjid. In the past 2 Fridays, both the police and City by-law enforcement officers came to validate our compliance. Alhamdulillah all was well but, there was a concern about congregating in the parking lot and on the street outside ISM’s fence.

Finally, please note the following Jumma salah time changes:

1stJumma: Athan & Arabic Khutba at 12:30 PM
2ndJumma: Athan & Arabic Khutba at 1:00 PM
3rd Jumma: Athan & Arabic Khutba at 1:30 PM
4th Jumma: Athan & Arabic Khutba at 2:00 PM

Please show up at the door 15 minutes before your scheduled Jumma salah. Jazakum ALLAH khairan