Job Opportunity Education and Admin Lead

Education and Admin Lead
Markham Masjid’s mission is to provide a uniform platform of expression for Islam, to develop educational, dawah and social services that translate the teachings of the Quran and the Sunnah into everyday living, and to enhance Islamic identity in the society.

Islamic Society of Markham is currently seeking a highly motivated and organized individual with energy and vision to join our team as an educational and PR supervisor. We are looking for a candidate who can provide strategic vision in all aspects of education and public relations to optimally serve the community. The successful candidate will have to take responsibility around ISM and perform tasks that deal with record keeping, event handling, staff/parent interaction, educational and PR programs and much more.

As an ISM Education & Admin Lead reporting to the ISM General Manager, the employee will be responsible to perform the following duties in a professional manner.

1. Supporting all ISM’s educational programs
2. Establishes goals for educational programs and cooperates with staff to work collectively towards the achievement of these goals and tasks
3. Deliver and construct appropriate and effective education programs
4. Establishing a professional learning environment that promotes student achievement and well-being
5. Leading all necessary efforts to organize and execute educational events and programs like but not limited to: student assembly, parents/teacher meetings, students’ trips, graduation nights, project nights, etc.
6. Responsible for maintaining a safe and non-threating environment for all students and staff inside the school
7. Monitor all activities, programs, and functions that take place inside the school and keep records in accordance with the Islamic Society of Markham
8. Responsible for monitoring the overall maintenance of school area in incoordination with operations staff
9. All necessary reports should be submitted to the General Manager
10. Developing policies for managing student discipline and other school related purposes 11. Handle employee relations, payroll, benefits, and training
12. Performing other clerical duties as required
13. Working with all principals to produce effective goals and share those educational goals to staff, students, parents and community
14. Help principals in supervising educational staff
15. Under the directions of the principal, the school administrator takes responsibility coordinating, supervising and implementing all programs and services offered to the students.
16. Participates in decision-making and in the organization of programs and services offered to the students
17. Examine learning materials and make sure valid products are being supplied to classrooms
18. Responding to student and parent inquiries and issues

Provides productive and mannered communication/interaction with principals, staff, students, parents, community and other employees at the Islamic Society of Markham
Pursues personal professional growth for the staff, students and other employees inside the school

Supports to recruit, train, and evaluate teachers under the guidance of ISM leadership

Keeping records of documentation, HR information, and process creation

Manage all administrative, clerical, secretarial and HR day-to-day activities for various ISM departments and programs

Managing website and social media accounts

Processing all student registration

Develop, maintain and monitor effectiveness of The Islamic Society of Markham policies

Maintain and handle vendor relationships

Supporting all non-educational events in various aspects as needed

Support the GM in all other aspects as needed

Hours of Work

This is a full-time position in which the employee will have to work for 40 hours per week. According to need, these hours and shifts may vary from time to time.

• Strong computer skills: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google docs, Google calendar
• Ability to quickly learn and adopt to use new software programs
• 10+ years of educational programs experience
• At least 5 years of supervisory/office experience
• Social media experience preferred
• Public relations skills are necessary
• Bachelor’s degree in a related field in mandatory
• Excellent phone manner
• Excellent interpersonal and multi-tasking organizational skills
• Strong written and verbal communications skills (English)
• Office administration and clerical skills are required
• Exerts high level of flexibility and emotional intelligence

Please send your resume to [email protected]