The Policy

Funeral is processed according to Sunni Muslim practice. We do not promote embalming of the deceased for transporting overseas. Volunteers must follow Mortuary Room Hygenic procedures as instructed by the Funeral Coordinator. Volunteers must adhere to strict confidentiality rules and not share or disclose any info about bathing of the deceased. Deceased body can only … Read more


ISM Funeral Fillable Forms: 1. Body Release Request 2. Burial Services & cemetery Information 3. Statement of Death – From 15 Statement of Still-birth

The Process

Step 1: Body Pickup Markham Masjid’s representative picks up the deceased body from Coroner’s office/ Hospitals/Retirement home/Airports or the Home and brings it to Markham Masjid. Step 2: Paperwork at Markham Masjid The family/guardian of the deceased need to do the following: Provide two government-issued photos ID’s of the deceased (Acceptable ID’s are Drivers License, … Read more